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Table of Contents

Authors Article title
1 Abdulov A., Abramenkov A. Collision Avoidance by Communication for Autonomous Mobile Robots in Crowd
2 Akhmetzianov A.V., Kushner A.G., Lychagin V.V. Anisotropic Filtration in a Plane
3 Akhremenko A., Yureskul E., Petrov A. Measuring Alertness: the Readiness of a Social Group to Participate in Protest Activity
4 Akinfiev V. An Analysis and Forecasting Volatility of Crude Oil Market
5 Akinfiev V., Tsvirkun A. Managing Development of Companies with a Complex Structure of Assets
6 Alakoz G.M., Dobrotvorskiy A.S., Plyaskota S.I., Zamolodchikova T.S., Kotov A.V., Scherstnev V.V. Synaptic Sensitization as a Neurochemical Prevention of Functioning of Intelligent Aerospace Complexes
7 Alperovich Y., Alperovich M., Spiro А. Forecasting Price Trends in Financial Markets
8 Alperovich Y., Alperovich M., Spiro А. Price and Price Range Prediction in Financial Markets
9 Alyushin A.V., Arkhangelsky V.G., Alyushin S.A. A Scalable Reconfigurable Computing Systems with Distributed Memory for the Analysis of Large Amounts of Data
10 Alyushin A.V., Arkhangelsky V.G., Alyushin S.A. Self-Organization in the Development of Scalable, “Intellectual” Structures on the Basis of Analog-Digital Nets of Pulsed Neurons for Processing Large Amounts of Information
11 Anokhin A.M. Increasing Metrological Reliability of Measuring Converters
12 Antipov A.S., Krasnova S.A. The Block Synthesis of the Tracking System with Sigmoidal Local Feedbacks
13 Antonova G.M., Makarov V.V. Multicriteria Selection of Algorithms in Grid Methods for the Study of Large-Scale Systems
14 Antonova N., Bardal A. Transport and Forest Complexes Interaction in the Regional Economy
15 Arakelyan E.K., Andryushin A.V., Mezin S.V., Kosoy A.A., Durgaryan I.S. Specifics of Modeling of Technological Processes in CCGT Steam Turbines in Operation at the Low Mass Flow Mode
16 Arakelyan E.K., Mezin S.V., Sabanin V.R., Kosoy A.A. Technical Opportunities to Improve the Intelligence of Modern Automatic Control System of Large Power Plants
17 Asanova N., Tarasova I., Sagatelova L., Kalinin Ya. Integrated Assessment of Transport Services Quality in Large Cities and Urban Agglomerations
18 Asratian R.E., Lebedev V.N. Protected Message Service as a Step towards Safe Distributed Systems Architecture
19 Avdeeva Z., Kovriga S. Assessment of the Complex Influence of Perspective Technologies on Goal Characteristics of the Civil Aircraft Manufacturing Final Product through Cognitive Mapping
20 Bardal A. Economic Accessibility of Transport Services for the Population of the Region: Russian Far East
21 Barkalov S.A., Moiseev S.I., Bekirova O.N. Models for Processing Expert Information, Based on the Theory of Latent Variables
22 Barkalov S.A., Perevalova O.S., Averina T.A. Development of the Algorithm for Maximizing the Financial Results of the Investment Program
23 Batov A.V., Gudkova T.V., Zharkov V.N. Static Method to Model Mars Interior Stress State
24 Baybulatov A.A. Towards Network Calculus. A Review of Theories for Dealing with Facilities of Increased Danger
25 Bayuk O.A., Berzin D.V., Timov B.A. Analysis of the Russian Banking System Stability
26 Bersenev N.V., Utkin V.A. The Theory of Invariance in the Problem of Choice of Spectrum in Real Control Mode
27 Bordukov D., Dorofeyuk Yu. Structural Prediction Algorithms
28 Borodin A.F., Sukhov A.A. Providing the Functional Reliability of the Transport Process in Placing Recovery Trains
29 Boronin I.A., Samokhin A.V. Modelling and Optimal Control of Natural Bitumen Deposits Development
30 Brom A.E., Sidelnikov I.D., Terentyeva Z.S. The Optimisation of Spare Parts Volume Considering Redundancy for Complex Equipment in the Conditions of Various Functional Purposes
31 Burkov V.N., Burkova I.V., Adamets D.Yu., Amelina K.E., Goroshko I.V. Management of Complex Project Risks Based on Qualitative Assessments
32 Burkov V.N., Enaleev A.K. Optimal Resource Allocation in Network Structures
33 Byvaykov M.E. Database Integration in Gateway Software for the Top-level System of APCS of Npp
34 Chadeev V.M., Aristova N.I. Production Automation Control Theory Invariable with the Industry
35 Cherepanov G.G., Mikhalskii A.I., Novoseltseva J.A. Forecasting of Bio-economic Effects in a Heterogeneous Population of Productive Animals
36 Chernikov B.V., Popov A.A. Using the Qualitative Theory of Dynamic Systems for Enterprise Activities Projection
37 Cheryomushkina L.A. About Exact Solutions in the Coupled Dynamical Problem of the Thermoelasticity for a Homogeneous One-dimensional Bar
38 Chkhartishvili A., Kozitsin I. Binary Separation Index for Echo Chamber Effect Measuring
39 Chkhartishvili A.G., Gubanov D.A. Controlled Consensus in a Social Network with “Simple” Agents
40 Danik Yu.E., Dmitriev M.G., Makarov D.A. Stabilizing Regulators for Nonlinear Continuous Systems of Large Dimension Using the Asymptotics of the Matrix Algebraic Riccati Equations Solutions
41 Dartau L.A. Managing Public Health and Life Quality: Social Partnership System
42 Denezhkina I., Zadadaev S. Probabilistic Correspondences between Scales of Rating Agencies Modeling and Restoration of their Conditional Distributions in the Banking Sector
43 Didenko A.S., Abdikeev N.M., Loseva O.V. Approaches to the Ranking of Regions According to the Efficiency and Scientific and Innovative Activities
44 Dorofeyuk А., Mandel A., Chernyavsky A., Dorofeyuk Yu., Shifrin M. On the Development of a New Generation of Electronic Medical Records
45 Druzhinin Yu., Sokolov V. Formation of the General Data Flow in the Distributed Measuring System with the Sensors Having the Different Periods of Poll
46 Dubovaya T.K., Pavelyev V.V. Simulation of the Influence of Amount of Choline in Food on Dynamics of the Life Parameters of the Organism with Craniocerebral Injury
47 Dudnikov E.E. The Problem of Ensuring the Tightness in Hyperloop Passenger Systems
48 Durgaryan I.S., Pashchenko A.F., Rodomanova Yu.S., Do H.H., Pham T.A. Improving the Accuracy of Measuring and Evaluation of Parameters of Large-scale Information Control Systems
49 Efremenko V.F., Pashchenko F.F. Regional Innovation System as an Instrument of Social-Economic Development of the Territorial Entity
50 Enaleev A.K. Optimal Mechanism at Network Active Systems
51 Eremin E.L., Shelenok E.A. Nonlinear-Periodic Control System for One Class of Non-Affine Stationary Plants with Statement Delays
52 Ereshko A. The Computing System of Management at High-Frequency Flows of Information (Example of Financial Platforms)
53 Ereshko A., Vakhranev A. Project of the Model Building of Technology of Distributed Registers
54 Ereshko F.I., Medennikov V.I., Muratova L.G. Modeling of a Digital Platform in Agruculture
55 Ershova T.V., Hohlov Yu.E. Digital Transformation Framework Monitoring of Large-Scale Socio-Economic Processes
56 Ershova T.V., Hohlov Yu.E., Shaposhnik S.B. Methodology for Digital Economy Development Assessment as a Tool for Managing the Digital Transformation Processes
57 Fedoseev D. Selected Problems of the Theory of Mechanical Systems with Closed Trajectories
58 Fedyanin D. Model of Management of Artificial Social Network with Large Amount of Reflective Agents
59 Gabalin A.V., Razbegin V.P., Ushakova M.V. Architectural Approach Application Issues in Business Informatics Professional Training
60 Gataullin T.M., Gataullin S.T. Best Economic Approaches under Conditions of Uncertainty
61 Gaydash K.A. Prospects for Digitalization of Pharmaceutical Companies in Russia
62 Gaydash K.A., Ereshko F.I., Medennikov V.I. Prospects for Using the Blockchain Technology in the Aic Digital Economy
63 Giliazova A.A., Fedyanin D.N. Analysis of the Networks Growth Model with Nodes Deactivation
64 Gorelik V., Zolotova T. Principles of Optimality in Problems of Large-Scale Systems Management
65 Goroshnikova T.A., Smakhtin E.S. Interdisciplinary Curriculum Approach as a University Component for Large-scale Education Projects
66 Gradoselskaya G., Shcheglova T., Karpov I. Information Waves on Social Networks: Problematization, Definition, Distribution Mechanisms
67 Granin S., Mandel A. Investigation of Analogies: Problems of Inventory Control and Queuing Systems Theories
68 Grebenuk G.G., Dorri M.Kh., Nikishov S.M., Roshchin A.A., Sereda L.A. Development of a Combinatorial Algorithm for Analyzing the Safety of Engineering Infrastructure Facilities
69 Grebenyuk E., Itskovich E. Advanced Automation of Production Labs in Processing Industries
70 Grebenyuk E.A., Budilov A.A., Rodionov I.D., Selyuto N.M. Econometrics Methods for Predictability of Financial Crises on Example Asian Crisis
71 Grineva N.V. Development of Strategy for Managing Efficiency of it Companies
72 Gubernatorov A.M., Teslenko I.B., Aleksandrova I.A., Tyutyukina E.B., Stelmashenko N.D. Dominant Sustainability of the Textile Industry in the Context of the Theory of Odd Logic
73 Guchuk V.V. Development of Ergonomic Methods and Means of Ensuring the Safety of the Functioning of Large-Scale Interactive Monitoring and Control Systems
74 Gusev V.B. Autonomous Control of Large-scale System
75 Gusev V.B. Two-Component Assessment of Projects with Attraction of Expert Data
76 Isaeva N.A. Assessment of Influence of the Operating Factors of a Financial System
77 Isaeva N.A. Choice of Control Parameters of Complex System on the Basis of Estimates of the Risks
78 Ismailov Zh., Kononov D. Integrated Management System for Rail Transport: Planning of Cargo Turnover in Conditions of Uncertainty
79 Ivanyuk V. Econometric Forecasting Models Based on Forecast Combination Methods
80 Jharko E. Verification and Software Quality Assurance for Nuclear Power Engineering
81 Jharko E., Sakrutina E. Evaluation of Technical and Economic Indexes and Providing Normal Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
82 Kalashnikov A., Sakrutina E. The Model of Evaluating the Risk Potential for Critical Infrastructure Plants of Nuclear Power Plants
83 Kalyanov G.N. The Business Processes Verification Methods
84 Kataev D.E., Kutyakov E.Y., Vershinin Yu. The Sub-Gramian Method as a Tool for the Automotive Suspension Tuning
85 Khayrullin R.Z., Popenkov A.J. Distribution of Controlling Volumes of Metrological Support for the Objectives of Complex Organizational and Technical Systems with the Use of Semi-Markov Models
86 Kiselev V.G. Financial Stability of the Insurance Company in Crop Insurance
87 Kleparskiy V.G., Razumovskiy A.I., Scheinis V.E. Graph-Invariant Representation of Region State Control
88 Klochkov V.V., Karpov A.E. The Prediction of Transport-Logistics Systems Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Creation Efficiency
89 Kochetkov S.A. Control of an Induction Motor under Uncertainty Conditions
90 Kornoushenko E.K. Alternative Approach to Quantitative Estimation of the SWOT Analysis Solutions
91 Korolev A.S., Shamanin A.Yu. The Use of Formal Methods of Verification and Validation in NPP Design
92 Koroteev M.V. Hierarchical Classification Compared to One-vs-all Classifier
93 Kozhevnikov D.E., Korolev A.S. Digital Trust as a Basis for the Digital Transformation of the Enterprise and Economy
94 Kozlov A.D., Noga N.L. Risk Management for Information Security of Corporate Information Systems Using Cloud Technology
95 Kozlov D., Druzhinina L., Sadovnikova N., Petrova D. Displaying the Events Flow of POS-devices Network for Building an Affective Monitoring System
96 Krasil'shchik I.S. The Theory of Differential Coverings and Nonlocal Geometry of PDEs
97 Krutov A.V. On the Methodology for Creating a Scientific and Technical Reserve at the Initial Levels of Readiness of Technology
98 Kulagin V., Galkina A. Assessment and Account of New Technologies and Energy Policies in a Model Complex for World Gas Markets Development Forecast
99 Kulba V.V., Sirotyuk V.O. Development of Formalized Models and Methods of Assessment of Structural, Functional and Informational Completeness of Patent Collections
100 Kulida E.L., Lebedev V.G., Egorov N.A. The Heuristic Algorithm for Planes Queue Optimization
101 Kulinich A.A. Semiotic Approach in Modeling and Decision-making in Ill-defined Complex Situations
102 Kupriyanov A., Shchepkin A., Kondratiev V., Chudinov A., Pavlyukevich E. Analysis of the Road Traffic Safety Strategy in the Russian Federation for 2018 — 2023
103 Kurako E.A., Orlov V.L. Service-browser Architecture and Large-scale Information Systems
104 Kurcheeva G.I., Klochkov G.A. Features and Principles of the Formation of "Smart City"
105 Kushner E.N. Classification of Generalized Rapoport—Leas Equations
106 Kuzmin A. Equilibrium Exchange Rate Modeling
107 Lebedev V.N., Orlov V.L., Kurako E.A. Tasks of Small Business and Technologies of Largescale Information Systems
108 Legovich Yu.S., Efremov A.Y., Fateeva Y.G. Modern Approaches Assurance to the Problem of Detecting the Point Source of Atmospheric Air Pollution with the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
109 Legovich Yu.S., Diane S.A.K., Rusakov K.D. Integration of Modern Technologies for Solving Territory Patrolling Problems with the Use of Heterogeneous Autonomous Robotic Systems
110 Lepskiy V.E., Avdeeva Z.K, Raikov A.N. Disruptive Situation Management in Digital Economy
111 Loginov E.L., Raikov A.N. Optimization of the Introduction of End-to-End Technologies to the Energy Critical Infrastructure on the Basis of Cognitive Simulation
112 Lukatskii A.M. Methods of Optimal Control in the Model of Economic Growth
113 Lukyanov A.S. Optimization of Shale Gas (Oil) Extraction Rate
114 Malakhov V., Nesytykh K. Model Studies of the Impact of Interest Rates on the Russian Economy in 2018
115 Maximova M., Arkhipova M. The Digital Technology Impact on the Quality of Life in the Countries of the World
116 Mengazetdinov N., Semenkov K. Ways of Providing the Fault Tolerance of ETHERNET networks of APCS of High-Risk Operation Plants
117 Mikhailova O., Gradoselskaya G., Kharlamov A. Social Network Analysis of the Functional Meaning of the Term “Digital Economy”
118 Mikhalskii A.I., Novoseltseva J.A. Application of Data Analysis Methods in Research of Neurodegenerative Diseases
119 Mikrin E., Kulba V., Somov S. Methods for Ensuring Data Safety in Distributed Systems
120 Nikolskaya Y.M., Selivanov V.V., Omelchenko I.N., Rakhlina L.I. Increase of the Methods of Program-target Planning of the Knowledge-intensive Sectors
121 Odintsov B.E., Berzin D.V. Structure and Scheme of Subject-oriented Banking Information Systems
122 Okhrimenko V.V., Bayramov O.B. The Dynamic Formulation of the Multi-Purpose Maximization Problem
123 Pashchenko A.F. Use of Network-Centric Principles in Digital Economy Technologies
124 Pavlova N. Necessary Conditions for Closedness of the Technology Set in Dynamical Leontief Model
125 Pavlovskiy I.S. Hierarchical Structurization of the Terms Network for Integrity Evaluation of the Big Terminological Texts
126 Petrov A., Mikhailov A., Pronchev G., Proncheva O. Using Search Queries to Analyze Public Attention to One-Time Political Events
127 Poletykin A. Virtual Supercomputer Model for NPP I&C Maintenance
128 Poltavtseva M.A., Zegzhda P.D., Pankov I.D. The Hierarchial Data Aggregation Method in Backbone Traffic Streaming Analyzing to Ensure Digital Systems Information Security
129 Protalinskiy O., Andryushin A., Shcherbatov I., Khanova A., Urazaliev N. Strategic Decision Support in the Process of Manufacturing Systems Management
130 Rasskazova A., Koroleva E. Investment Simulation Model for Estimating the Future Value of Tokens
131 Rodomanova Yu.S., Sagalov Yu. E., Pikina G.A. A Method for Tuning Two-Loop Automatic Control Systems
132 Roop M. Singular Solutions in Nonlinear Models of Fluid Dynamics
133 Roslyakova N. The Methodology of Estimation of Indirect Economic Relations Transport Infrastructure and Economic Systems
134 Rukhlinskiy V., Bolshedvorskaya L. Influence of the External Extreme Conditions on the Operation of the New Generation Aircraft
135 Sagalov Yu.E. Multicriterial Indexation of Urban Prosperity
136 Saltykov S.A., Rusyaeva E.Yu. Integrated Scale of Research Readiness Levels
137 Saltykov S.A., Rusyaeva E.Yu. Theory Game as Priority Area of Researches for Development of Blockchain Technology
138 Savushkin S.A. Equalization of Management Complexities of Transport Networks
139 Seliverstov D.E., Smirnov A.D., Rusakov K.D. Development of Theoretical Bases of Classification and Clusterization of Fuzzy Signs on the Basis of the Category Theory
140 Semenkov K., Promyslova O., Mengazetdinov N. Virtualization Technologies Usage in the Course of Instrumentation and Control Systems Lifecycle
141 Shamba D., Vinogradova E. On the Features of Investment Processes in Some Regions
142 Shapot D.V., Shapot M.D. Creating Intersectoral Economic Models Based on Multi-agent and Linear Programming Approaches: Methods and Software Tool
143 Shardakov V.M., Parfenov D.I., Zaporozhko V.V., Izvozchikova V.V. Development of an Adaptive Module for Visualization of the Surrounding Space for Cloud Educational Environment
144 Shchepkin A. Decreasing Influence of the Agents at Each Other by the Mechanism Intended for Decreasing of Costs
145 Shevchenko V. On the Construction and Analysis of Macroeconomic Operating Game Models
146 Shevlyakov A. Controlling a Jumping Robot Cube
147 Shiroky A.A., Zekiy A.O., Novochadov V.V. Control Models in Dental Implantology
148 Sizykh D., Sizykh N. Classification Analysis Method for Dynamic Characteristics of IT Companies Shares Exchange Value
149 Skiba A.K. Dynamic Model Analysis of Gas Deposit Developments
150 Slovokhotov Yu.L., Echenique V.X. Hyperbolic Trend of a Global Population in XVI-XX a.d. as a Mirror of ‘Condensation’ in the World System
151 Solnechnyi E.M. The Dynamic Properties Investigation for a Distributed Thermomechanical Control Plant
152 Solomatin A.N. Visualization of Multidimensional Data: Method of Connected Projections
153 Soloviev V. Fintech Ecosystem in Russia
154 Solovyev A.A., Valuev A.M. Optimization of the Structure and Parameters of the Light Cycle Aimed at Improving Traffic Safety at an Intersection
155 Stepanovskaya I.A. Modeling, Designing and Monitoring Value-added Chains of Cognitive Economy
156 Stepanovskaya I.A., Alakoz G.M., Plyaskota S.I., Ayupov A.I. Systems of Continuous Adaptive Monitoring Based on Hyper-converged Structures of Processors in the Associative Memory
157 Sukhorukov A.I., Shuhong GUO, Kameneva N.A., Eroshkin S.Yu. Sustainable Management of Radiation-Hazardous Construction Projects
158 Sukhorukov A.I., Shuhong GUO, Koryagin N.D., Eroshkin S.Yu. Tendencies of Information Management Development in the Conditions of the Origin of a New Ecosystem of the Digital Economy
159 Syrovatkin A. Risk Assessment In Multi-period Models
160 Tarasov A. Modeling of long-term development of the Russian gas industry in modern conditions
161 Tran M.H., Nguyen Q.T., Pashchenko F.F. A Statistical Approach to Correct the Projective Solutions for Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Stable Mathematical Models Under Uncertainty Conditions
162 Tregub I.V. Forecasting Demographic Indicators of the Regions of Russia
163 Tsyganov V.V. Market Incentives for Transport Monopoly
164 Tsyganov V.V. Mechanisms for Managing Large-Scale Transport and Economic Systems
165 Tunitsky D.V. On Multivalued Solutions of One-dimensional Quasilinear Wave Equations
166 Tyukhova E., Smirnov A., Sizykh D. Quality Estimation Model of Investment Portfolio Rebalancing Process
167 Usoltsev M., Polupudnov M. Feasibility Study of Alternative Fuel Types for the Moscow Region
168 Utkin A.V., Utkin V.A. The Method of State Space Expansion in Control Problems of Utility Boilers
169 Valeev S., Kondratyeva N. Safety System for Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Self-learning Multiagent System
170 Valuev A.M. Modeling of the Transport Flow Through Crossroads with Merging and Divergence Points
171 Varnavskii V.G., Tsvirkun A. Russia’s Participation in Global Value Chains: An Empirical Analysis
172 Velnikovskaya A., Sizykh N. Modeling and Assessment of the IT Companies Investment Attractiveness Indicators
173 Veresnikov G.S., Pankova L.A., Pronina V.A. Optimal Robust Design under Conditions of Uncertainty
174 Veresnikov G.S., Skryabin A.V. The Electromechanical Actuator Technical Condition Monitoring System Based on Data Mining Methods
175 Veselov F.V., Solyanik A.I., Khorshev A.A. Evaluation of Adaptation Capability of the Russian Power Industry in front of Changes in Macroeconomic and Price Factors
176 Vilisov V.Ya. Modelling the Risk Degree when Managing Emergency Situation Liquidation
177 Vinogradova E. Portable Devices for Monitoring Ultraviolet Radiation
178 Volkovitsky A.K., Pavlov B.V., Goldin D.A. Magnetogradient Complexes and Prospects of their Application
179 Yadykin I., Galyaev I. On the Usage of the Energy Functionals for Energy Balance Anomalies Detection of Human Body Organs
180 Yurkevich E.V., Kryukova L.N. Optimization Mechanisms of Management at the Industrial Enterprise with the use of Cyber Social
181 Yusen XU, Bondaletova N.F., Kovalev V.I., Komrakov A.V. Digital Twin Concept in Managing Industrial Capital Construction Projects Life Cycle
182 Zakharov A.N., Seredinskaya K.S. Specialization And Convergence In the Spanish Autonomies
183 Zalozhnev A.Yu. Large-Scale Railway Network Design and Decomposition
184 Zaripov R.N. Features of Identification and Analysis of Risks of R&D of the Hi-tech Industrial Enterprise
185 Zatuliveter Yu.S., Fishchenko E.A. About the Universal Algorithmic Space of Distributed and Parallel Computing
186 Zenkov V.V. Approximation of the T. Anderson’s Discriminant Function and Estimation of the Posterior Probabilities of Classes. Convergence of the Approximation Method
187 Zharov V.S., Zharov N.V. Problems of Management of Innovative Development of Industry in the Regions of the Far North
188 Zhukova G.S., Kagirova D.R. Adaptive Approach to the Analysis of Correlation Properties of Financial Time Series

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