2018 Eleventh International Conference MLSD

2018 Eleventh International Conference
“Management of Large-Scale System
Development” (MLSD)

Conference organizer
V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences

Organizing Committee

Chairman Prof. Anatoly Tsvirkun
Secretary PhD. Irina Stepanovskaya

arina Pyatnitskaya, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Ella Prokhorova, Lora Syryh,
Julia Rodomanova, Anton Salnikov, Alexey Batov, Ivan Boronin

Scientific Program Committee
Chairman Academician Stanislav Vassilyev
Deputy Chairman Prof. Anatoly Tsvirkun

Viktor Ivanter (Moscow, Russia)Fuad Aleskerov (Moscow, Russia)
Abdykappar Ashimov (Alma-Ata,
Alexey Makarov (Moscow, Russia)Felix Ereshko (Moscow, Russia)Sergey Bushuyev (Kiev, Ukraine)
Valery Makarov (Moscow, Russia)Bagrat Erznkyan (Moscow, Russia)Lubomir Dimitrov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Yuri Popkov (Moscow, Russia)Valentin Lebedev (Moscow, Russia)Alexandre Dolgui (Saint-Étienne, France)
Sergey Filippov (Moscow, Russia)Robert Nizhegorodtsev (Moscow, Russia)Yalaoui Farouk (Troyes, France)
Nikolai Voropay (Irkutsk, Russia)Atlas Akhmetzianov (Moscow, Russia)Gheorghe Filip Florin (Bucharest, Romania)
Ruslan Grinberg (Moscow, Russia)Alexey Kuchner (Moscow, Russia)Peter Inzelt (Budapest, Hungary)
Viktor Danilov-Danilyan (Moscow, Russia)Fedor Pekhterev (Moscow, Russia)Amanullah Kadyrov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
Nikolai Makhutov (Moscow, Russia)Aleksey Poletykin (Moscow, Russia)Nicholas Karcanias (London, UK)
Alexander Rezchikov (Saratov, Russia)Boris Polyak (Moscow, Russia)Peter Kopacek (Wien, Austria)
Valery Salygin (Moscow, Russia)Mikhail Eskindarov (Moscow, Russia)Roman Kulikovsky (Warsaw, Poland)
Victor Suslov (Novosibirsk, Russia)Vladimir Solovyov (Moscow, Russia)Larry Stapleton (Waterford, Ireland)
Vladimir Kutakhov (Moscow, Russia)Stepan Sulakshin (Moscow, Russia)Le Hung Lan (Khanoy, Vietnam)
Vladimir Burkov (Moscow, Russia)Marat Uzakov (Moscow, Russia)Majanne Yrjö (Tampere, Finland)
Fedor Pashchenko (Moscow, Russia)Igor Yadikin (Moscow, Russia)Semyon Meerkov (Michigan, United States)
Vladimir Varnavsky (Moscow, Russia)Fedor Veselov (Moscow, Russia)Stefan Napel (Bayreuth, Germany)
Vyacheslav Volkov (Moscow, Russia)Stanislav Goncharenko (Moscow, Russia)Igor Nikiforov (Troyes, France)
Iraida Stepanovskaya (Moscow, Russia)Federica Ricca (Roma, Italy)

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